The creation of Terrelis was inspired by our desire to reach beyond the classic boundaries of enology. We strive to accompany producers throughout every step of the process, from understanding the vineyards and their terroirs up until bottling of the wines and beyond. Each and every day, our team remains passionately by your side to provide continued feedback and exchange, and to offer support and solutions.

After working many years in conventional enology, integrating the vineyards and their terroirs into our approach was a natural evolution for us.  To obtain more complete results, we must expand our vision and our field of action. Today, we are your partners in facing the immense challenge of capturing and expressing the incredible, incomparable potential of your viticultural terroirs.

In the cellar, we favor prevention over curative methods. We are attentive to your goals, your needs and your constraints. Our mission is to avoid accidents and to work with each wine’s rhythm of evolution. The end result is to preserve the most beautiful expression of your wines at every moment of their consumption.

Each day, our team traverses the region to collect samples for analysis, to exchange with you and to taste. Proximity and communication are key to our collaboration.


Analytically, premium reliability! We have chosen to source our analyses to a highly efficient network of laboratories, certified by COFRAC for numerous years. Basing our discussions and advice on accurate and precise results is our priority. In the same line, our logistical system allows for quick transmission of results, while maintaining the anonymity of our clients.

Tolerant and attentive, we also undoubtedly hold great respect for the environment that we all share. Our entire team is thus implicated in the management of our energy consumption and the recycling of our waste. We can equally engage with clients who wish to improve the integration of the viticultural impact on our soils. Preserving nature and its terroirs is, to our minds, respecting humanity…of both today and tomorrow!