The team

Our team is composed of two trained enologists, Aurélie and Anthony. With accredited French enological degrees (Diplôme National d’Œnologue), our team’s training is enriched by BTS in viticulture and enology and introduction to biodynamics. Solidified by over 20 years of consulting experience in Burgundy and throughout other viticultural regions, our team stands out for our dynamism and motivation. Elodie, our administrative coocoordinator, provides technical and logistical support.

We are all associates in the company because we believe work valorization and team spirit are the keys to success. By guaranteeing the rigor and total implication of the entire team, we strive to assure the best service possible.

In addition, we act with respect to a number of values that appear to us as essential. Thus, we believe in confidence, honesty and conviviality in order to generate a serene and pleasant work environment. Polyvalence and availability are also assets we rely on to ensure the most comprehensive support possible.

Work ethic and simplicity assure a discourse that is real, constructive and efficient. Our experience in the field taught us above all to remain humble in the face of terroir and the considerate and inspiring work of producers.

Finally, we desire to implicate ourselves in the vineyards by cultivating an open mind in order to explore all methods. We do not have answers to everything, but we consider that our role as collaborators is to always search for solutions. As is the case for winemaking, it is by experimenting with you in Burgundy and elsewhere that we can best accompany you. In order to be most effective in this goal, we work to build and maintain a network of specialized partners.



Anthony Colas
06 80 61 34 98


Aurélie Prévot
06 81 94 75 98


Elodie Pinchaux
06 24 22 29 91



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